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A Bright, Shiny New Year

Published On January 6, 2012 | By Gypsy | A Slice of Life, Life Balance

Instead of new years resolutions, for many years now I have given each year an overarching life theme to promote personal growth.

Resolutions focus on largely on external change, loosing weight, quitting smoking, eating healthy.  For me a theme takes the focus off the external and focuses on the internal.   Under each theme I have goals, objectives and desires but often times I find that the action organically materializes as a natural consequence of the inner shift, as I set my intent for another year well lived.

In 2010 the theme was “My Life From Scratch” and as soon as it was set, I sold my business, home, car and television and started again.  I traveled 30,000 miles, launched Food Gypsy, reunited with those I loved and pursued my wildest dreams.  I went to culinary school, moved to Ottawa and started over a new city; I created a whole new life, from scratch.

The theme for 2011 was “Bigger & Better”.  I thought this meant more cuisine knowledge but quickly found that path was not for me.  Another of life’s little twists came when the phone rang and a former (flirty) cuisine instructor asked me out ( here I thought he moved my scorching pans out of a love for butter).  My love life got bigger (and better), I moved to a bigger, better apartment with a bigger, better kitchen.  My career got bigger (as my skills got better) and when my found myself suddenly ill, I got better… while my pants got bigger. (One must be careful how one words these things.)

2011 was a year of challenges and overcoming challenge makes us bigger and better.

This holiday season as the snow fell outside, Chef B (former cuisine instructor, mover of scorching butter, love of my life, companion in the kitchen) produced a small box from under the tree.  He then proceeded to stammer though a disjointed speech that started with “Look, you’re a good woman…”

There was some confusion as to what exactly was being asked “I was wondering if you would like to commit to this relationship for a very long time… with a ceremony in between” and what exactly the answer was, I was too distracted by the sparkly ring to reply.  One thing’s for sure, life with us is never dull.

So.  Looks like I’m planning a wedding AND a move.  Thus the theme for 2012: “The Great Coming Together” — an homage to that ‘ceremony in between’ and the gooey stuff that unites us all.   As usual, I think I have an idea where this will take me, but I’ve learned it will surprise in new and wonderful ways.  It always does.

The theme for the year was easy, the theme for the wedding is proving much trickier.  Themes that have (so far) been shot down in flames include:

My Big Fat, Gypsy Wedding.  “Think of the DRAMA!” Gypsy. “I’d rather not.” Chef B.
The Star Wars Wedding.  “Use the force.”  Gypsy.   “Over my dead body.” Chef B.
The Nude Wedding, on a beach. “Double the flower budget…” Gypsy. “One word: SAND.” Chef B.
The Star Trek Wedding. “Going where no man has gone before.” Gypsy “OH MY GOD…” Chef B.
The Hillbilly Wedding, complete with John Deer tractor. “I loves me a tractor.” Gypsy “Actually, I kind of dig that.” Chef B.  What?  That was a joke…

Back to the drawing board on the wedding thing.  Let’s think about the move first, we need a place with two kitchens.

Sharing my life with him is one thing but if he thinks I’m sharing a kitchen, he’s got another thing coming.

Chef B & something sparkly - Food Gypsy

He got something shiny too…


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