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Bit of Gypsy Birthday

Published On June 3, 2011 | By Gypsy | A Slice of Life, Life Balance

Another year, come and gone.   Since entering a decade that starts with ‘four’ birthday celebrations are quiet affairs with those I love, often banning the word “birthday” all together.  A great meal is all I want.  This year, for added fun, I was leveled by a stomach flu for two days following.


Thus proving that I am an adult.

Sure I’ll be up to my old tricks, the blog (and solid food) again shortly; in the meantime a snapshot of the magnificent meal from the Chef/man in my life on this the occasion of my 10th anniversary of my 37th Birthday.  Lucky Me.

Ideas for your next ‘non-celebration’ perhaps.


Seared Lamb Chops with Tomato, Olive, Prosciutto, Basil and Shallot Salad tossed in a Red Wine-Dijon Vinaigrette

Sweet Chartreuse Souffle with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and a Chartreuse Shooter

Pink Champagne // Red Wine


I love simple food — grilled meats and fresh, acidic salads are my go-to mains in the summer.  Chef B’s Red Wine-Dijon Vinaigrette has become my new favorite. 

Recipe to follow. 


Hot souffles, chilled chartreuse, cold ice cream…

Remind me never to dilly-dally when there are souffles involved, it gets one the following warning;

“CoCo (he calls me Coco), if you’re not going to eat it now it will be ruined and next time I won’t go to all the trouble of making a souffle, I’ll just buy them frozen!”

(yikes)  “Yes Chef!”

Obediently consumes souffle, my first sweet souffle actually.  He had planned to make this for me the first time he  made me dinner.  We never made it to dessert.  Can’t think why.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Wishing me a smooth transition from baby food (how very Lady Gaga of me) to solids.  The joy!


An unassuming little vintage and affordable too.


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