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Five Steps to a Happy Summer

Published On August 18, 2011 | By Gypsy | A Slice of Life, Humor

Five Steps to a Happy Summer…  all of which involve wine.  Hmmm.  Curious.

The long summer days will soon come to an end as nights get cooler and leaves change colour and neighbourhood children go back to school in new, squeaky shoes.  Don’t waste a minute of time worrying about that, instead join the new movement… EVERYBODY’S HAPPY!

All it takes is five easy steps and happiness is yours.

  • Step 1:  Buy Wine
  • Step 2:  Open Wine
  • Step 3:  Pour Wine (*glass preferred)
  • Step 4:  Drink Wine
  • Step 5:  See Step 4

Euphoria should commence within ten to fifteen minutes, beginning with a slight sigh and a smile. 

These steps are best undertaken in the company of friends.  If you are not in a position to buy your own wine, many have found that others (ie: aforementioned friends) will buy it for you – in the short-term.  It is considered best practice to reciprocate in due course.

Naturally one should obey all local bylaws when consuming wine and this means being sneaky when drinking wine in public parks, on subways and under bridges.

Happiness.  It’s everywhere (there’s wine).


Note from our legal department: Must be of legal drinking age.  Please drink responsibly. Do not drink if you are pregnant, or think you are pregnant, this goes double for men.  Don’t drink and drive.  Ever.  Drink and walk or take a cab or fall asleep on the couch with the TV on.  That is all… just be HAPPY.

Got Wine?

Asking the really important questions…

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