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Just Peachy, Thanks

Published On July 21, 2011 | By Gypsy | A Slice of Life, Health

The stomach is a sensitive organ, our source of digestion and nourishment, but let’s face it, it doesn’t get very good press.

If you are having difficulty with something you “can’t stomach it”, if you’re feeling poorly people promoting pink liquids sing about “upset stomachs”, if you can eat anything you’re a “garbage gut”, if you’re nervous you have “butterflies in your tummy”. 

What I wouldn’t have given these past few months for a few little butterflies.

Instead, I found myself flat out on a hospital bed, not once but twice for a multi-day, multi-hospital tour of the Ottawa healthcare system as my appendix first burst – then (six weeks later) this past Friday, was removed. 

Spare parts, who needs ’em!

Along the way I found myself with a great deal of down time, and in very capable hands.   I even got to take a ride in an ambulance, it was FUN!  (May it be my last.)

To my mind, attitude is everything in life, and along the way I took great care to be grateful for small kindnesses; the extraordinary life I have lead,  and all the truly wonderful people in my life.  What good is creating an extraordinary life if you never give thanks for it?  I do… and often.

Thank you to all those who inquired as to my health and laughed at my quips as I lay there:

“They would not give it in a jar.  They will not let me go too far.  They like me oh so very much.  They are keeping me ’till Monday’s lunch.” ~ Gypsy Seuss

And made me laugh in return:

“I’m glad that you are feeling well!  Feeling ill’s akin to hell.  And soon you’ll be as good as new, cookin’ bacon as you do!

The time is nigh for you to heal, regain your strength, refuel your zeal.  And to the kitchen you should run–a Gypsy’s work is never done!”  ~ KJ Seuss

(Wine blogger extraordinaire, currently propping up the wine industry on my behalf.   Bless him. http://wowinecraft.com/ )

And laugh…

“I do not like it where I am.  I cannot work here on my tan.  For my own home I am achin’.  Where I’ll commence with cookin’ BACON!”  ~ Norm Seuss

(Fellow bacon lover, posting in my stead when I did not post in Seuss rhyme, shame on me.  Dude.  Really. Wicked. Meds.)

Laughter is the best medicine.

And finally, to the physician that wrote a script that forced me to eliminate all dairy from my diet:  “I curse you with mosquito bites, BIG ONES, on your ankles.”  It’s a short prescription, so not a horrible Gypsy curse – not as bad as say boils or fleas or — earwigs.

A BIG “Thank You” to all those who read Food Gypsy, the numbers swell and I am delighted.  We have a few (super) exciting changes coming our way.  Some interesting stories to tell and more eye-popping, tummy-rumbling, life-giving sustenance to shoot.  (I’m in the mood for All Day Breakfast – who’s in?)

And back to the business of food and smatterings of gallivanting, and please, oh please, let there be wine again.

“Fan the sinking flame of hilarity with the wing of friendship; and pass the rosy wine.” ~Charles Dickens

I’ll drink to THAT.

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