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Just SMILE – Philosophy du Jour

Published On September 8, 2011 | By Gypsy | A Slice of Life, Humor

“Apologies, we appear to be out of soup, can I offer you something of a more philosophical nature?” ~ Corifucius

LIFE is an extraordinary journey.  A little over a year ago I let loose a powerful freedom in my life as I sold my home, my business, my car (and my television) and walked, head up, eyes clear, into adventure.  I decided to allow myself everything I desired; travel, adventure, visits with people I love, education, new vocation and re-location.

I lived like it was my last year on earth.

30,000 miles later, in my new life, I found myself in a hospital with an earnest looking young Doctor saying “Miss Horton, you realize you are in very critical condition, right?”  No, of course not.  “This is NOT what I ordered!” I said.

I know what I ordered, I ordered HAPPY with a side of giggles and extra rainbows.  Don’t remember “sudden-death-due-to-exploding-minor-organs” even being on the menu, so I sent it back.  (It’s not the first time I’ve sent back a medical diagnosis.) Yet another lesson in “be careful what you wish for”.

“When one lives as though one is dying, one may find themselves facing death.” ~ yup, me again.

Thing is, I haven’t always been happy.  Suffered from varying degrees of clinical depression for large chunks of my life, much of it self induced.  I had a serious case of Trytooharditus as well as a nasty bout of Imsoimportant and the side effects of Imustbeperfectateverything.

I’m fortunate to have found a cure for all that… it’s called… HAVING FUN.  I (re)learned it from the great keepers of wisom on this planet, people under the age of seven.

When well meaning friends talk about nuclear fallout, evil conspiracies and doomsday prophecies I counter with: “Ahhhhhhhhhhha, WE’RE ALL GONNA’ DIE!  Oh, wait…”

I’m pretty comfortable with death.  Not ordering it, but very at peace if that’s what I find on my plate because I’ve really LIVED.  I have had brilliant days and terrible days and love and heartache and passion and deception and if so I slip on a banana peel and go skidding sideways into at the path of an oncoming bus I hope my last thought is: “Hey, is that a shiny dime on the sidewalk?!”

We are all organic bits of flesh, just as sure as that peach in my fridge has a shelf life — so do I.

So, while I’m here, I choose laughter.  I choose adjectives.  I choose far too many exclamation marks!!!!!  I choose loud singing (slightly off key) in public places and frequent bouts of spontaneous dancing.

I choose to get up early – or late.  I choose quietly sitting in the backyard in the evening watching wild rabbits hop by without fear.  I choose to listen while others are speaking.  I choose to be accountable for my actions.  I choose to love friends and family even when they disappoint.  I choose chocolate and bacon and butter.  I choose not to watch commercials.  I choose to fill my mind, my home and my LIFE with beauty.  I choose all these things because, they make me SMILE.

Some call me naive. (Some have called me worse.)  Oh well.  Don’t see them breaking into spur-of-the-moment fits of giggles, so who’s naive now?

When I take a deep breath and look out the window all I see is miracle after miracle.    And I just… smile.

“There are two ways to live: you can live as it nothing is a miracle; or you can live as if everything is a miracle.” ~ Albert Einstein

I’m gonna’ go make a peach, melon salad now (with a little lime juice and cilantro) I hate to see a peach live an unfulfilled life.

*insert cheesy smiley face emoticon here*

PS:  I feel great!

Kirk Franklin – I Smile



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