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New Year, New (Smaller) Fridge

Published On January 6, 2012 | By Gypsy | A Slice of Life, Humor

January 3rd, in the year of our Lord, 2012; woke up to a puddle of water on the floor and the contents of my fridge/freezer lukewarm and thawing.  Panicked phone calls ensued, the contents of said appliance were quickly shuffled to avoid spoilage.

Mother Nature cooperated with -20*C temperatures and the great outdoors quickly becomes a giant freezer while Chef B found his refrigerator filled with items rarely seen in his abode: vegetables.   The compost bin bulged and we awaited the arrival of a shiny new refrigerator to replace the now decommissioned appliance in the Gypsy Kitchen.

Flash forward to January 4, 2012.  The delivery that was promised the day before finally arrives.

As the cardboard is stripped away I say with some dismay: “oh, it’s smaller”.  Delivery guy retorts in a know-it-all tone:  “more cubic feet though.”   Wait… what?   Don’t mess with a gal with math skills, mister.  It’s shorter, not as deep and not as wide, if something is SMALLER on the outside it is IMPOSSIBLE for it to be BIGGER on the inside. OK?  Maybe that works with your girlfriend but that doesn’t work with me.  

Note pad and calculator in hand, I calculate the volume of said appliance(s), grade 9 math pays off at last.  “Look… old fridge = 18 cubic feet, new fridge = 16.6 cubic feet, which is LESS volume.  Ergo, NOT BIGGER, but S M A L L E R.”

Apparently the overt use of math (and logic) confused the dude, perhaps if I’d made my case in bacon measurements. ‎“1.4 cubic feet is roughly 50 packages of thick cut bacon.  So the new fridge holds LESS bacon that my old fridge.”

Use of slowly pronounced words and sarcasm are lost as Delivery Dude appears to take the whole thing personally. “It only LOOKS smaller.”  What?  No, we just covered that.  Ohhhhhh, maybe it’s just smaller because it’s cold.  Fridge shrinkage.  OK, don’t feel bad, it could happen to anyone.  It’ll look bigger once it warms up.  (sarcastic font in use)

It was right about this time I made the decision to relinquish my need to educate (read: be right) and shifted to a sense of gratitude for new (smaller) fridge.  After all, it works, it’s clean and the new (smaller) size will encourage more strategic use of (less) space.   Possible future posts include: Fridge Gone Mad Stew & my soon to be famous Fridge Soup.

After all, it’s not how big your fridge is it’s how you use it.

New year, clean fridge - Food Gyspy

The old one needed to be cleaned anyway. Instead of cleaning things just buy new ones, I like it.

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