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Published On November 8, 2010 | By Gypsy | A Slice of Life, Life Balance

On the topic of living life ‘deliciously’…

Decorating Chez Gypsy here in Ottawa required very little. In effect, downsizing from the 5,000 plus square feet of the Dragonfly Inn, my former home, to the deco funkiness that is a downtown apartment in the heart of our nation’s capitol…  but I had no ‘soft’ furniture… coaches, chairs and dining tables all stayed with the business, still enjoyed by guests from far and wide.

So shopping was easy.  Loveseat… check.  Chair… check.  Done… check.  Doesn’t stop a girl from shopping.

One fine fall day I took a walk down Somerset, an adventure in Chinatown (looking for lemongrass, mango soda and lychees), when I wandered into a little shop and saw ‘the light’!

A Twist of Fate’ is an eclectic little shop filled with of one-of-a-kind gifts, clothing, jewelry and accessories and there I fell in love – with a lamp.

A one-of-a-kind antique silver teapot lamp. With its paisley inspired hand-painted shade and silver teaspoon pull-chain created by Canadian artist Suzi Silhanek.  How COULD this Gypsy resist?!

Had to have it.

When I polish it I fully expect a Genie to appear and grant me three wishes.  I write by it.

Once it held tea.  Once the spoon metered out sugar… fed babies.  It is at once beautiful and purposeful.

Shouldn’t everything in life be beautiful?!

Suzi Silhanek Creamer Lamp Mika at Twist of Fate, wraps it up! Suzi Silhanek Teapot Lamp

I am so captivated, nay, completely enamored by it and its fabulous foodie leanings… I simply MUST share it with you, my darling readers.  I know you’ll see what I see.  Shiny.  Beaded.  Simplicity.

Now that… is art!

With the holiday season just around the corner… perhaps you need your own one-of-a-kind lamp, made from coffee and/or tea pots or creamers and sugar bowls.

How perfectly unique and wonderfully… FUN.

Hey, where’s my Genie!?

A Twist of Fate

633 Somerset St, West, Ottawa, ON  (613)233-3283

Artist:  Suzi Silhanek – Shades of St. Alban’s

Chez Gypsy Suzi Silhanek Lamp

… lighting the way at Chez Gypsy. Thank you Suzi!

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