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Spinach Martini’s – I’ll try anything, once.

Published On April 8, 2011 | By Gypsy | A Slice of Life, Humor

Today on Food Gypsy, we’re trying something new… Friday Afternoon Quickies.

Ideas for the weekend, interesting bits and bites, few ideas from the test kitchen, Foodie Tapas as it were, because everyone loves a good quickie.

The whole idea is for me to work fast and push, wing it, and (with any luck) bang out some interesting ideas.

So… today, thought we’d have a little fun with a couple of cocktails that have been rattling around my head for ‘VEG HEAD Month’. All this month we are featuring the produce section on Food Gypsy.  After a long winter I’m craving all things fresh and wonderful.

So I thought to myself: Spinach Martinis.  Fun right?  Love spinach.  Spinach, vodka, dash of single malt.  Dry interesting, fun.  “Drink your veggies” – that was the concept.

Dropped about 2 cups of raw, fresh spinach in a blender, added 4 ounces of vodka, dash of scotch, liquefy. Shake over ice and serve.  The result?  Yea… not so much.  The vodka and the spinach really did not do it for me.  Even the most die hard of vegans would be hard pressed to stomach this, if you ever venture down this road test it on people who REALLY love you.

Maybe gin? Nahhhhh… waste of gin.  But spinach SMOOTHIES, now that’s a plan.

However… things that did work on this little experiment: Putting spinach in a blender… FUN.  And the munchies – the salt & pepper cashews (addictive, spicy), the Kasa pistachios (salt, sweet, nutty) and the Matcha white chocolate almonds (tangy, sweet, nutty). Consuming – presently.

Oh and the knotted bamboo thingies, with the amber cherry tomato, favorite part of the cocktail.

Spinach Martinis – fail. Snacks – yum.
Can’t win ’em all. NEXT.

Raw, fresh spinach Spinach in the blender... Happy Hour Snacks

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