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The Sweet Sounds of Summer

Published On July 24, 2015 | By Gypsy | A Slice of Life, Featured, Life Balance

The threesome of playmates are much too quiet, I speculate what mischief they might be up to. Giggles come from the backyard, followed by whispering, looming ever louder.  I suspect an ambush.

Armed with water pistols, supersoakers and pump-action water cannons they’re a fearsome gang of musketeers roving the property ready to pounce on unsuspecting adults lolling in the shade… with a beer.

The temperature spikes for the first time this summer it’s hot.  Really, genuinely hot and sticky with humidity.  Our favorite six year has learned joy of a water fight with her two playtime pals, aged 7 and 8.  They show her all the tricks, how to shoot ahead of your opponent to catch them in action.  How to spray high in the air so unwitting participants think it’s rain (it must be the beer spitzing).  They think they’re pretty sneaky.

Little do they know we can hear their plotting and out maneuver them, armed with hoses and buckets, it’s GAME ON.

Armed and Dangerous, with a Hose

Shrieking with laughter, they scatter like cats.  One after another, drenched to the skin, they emerge from battle only to return once their weapon of choice is refueled.  Now determined, they turn their attention to one formidable opponent, manning the hose.  He’s not an easy mark, but suddenly reinforcements appear and he is sent, dripping wet from the skirmish, laughing and begging for mercy.

I hope one day that these are the memories she will cherish.  Simple times spent with family.  A water fight in the backyard, nature walks with the canine in tow, and late nights laying on the picnic table to look at the stars.

As kids snuggle into the towels and t-shirts are wrung out and left to drip over the deck railing, everyone asks “Coco, what’s for dinner?”  It’s my favorite question, there’s always something cooking…



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