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Gypsy Birthday - Food Gypsy

In celebration of my current manifestation, I mark another year on this blue planet.  It’s been a delicious life filled with tastes and textures, joy and happiness, but not without turmoil, my fair share of tragedy, and tears.

Without the sour notes how would we know the sweet ones?  Without the acuity of lemon how would we balance a vinaigrette, underscore the fattiness of salmon or heighten the creaminess of curd?  The true secret of happiness, in my life, has been in knowing that each taste – be it bitter or honeyed –  is fleeting.  Pain will end, chocolate will melt and that ‘experiment’ in the back of the fridge will only get fuzzier.

With age comes wisdom, the learned practice of living and breathing, fully.   The ability to say less and mean more, to hear what is never spoken and to know when to stir the pot and when to just let things simmer.

“I’m just here for the cake… and the bacon, coffee, wine… OH and the chocolate!  Thank you Earthlings for these treasures.” ~ Gypsy

Live.  Love.  EAT well.  Drink wine.  Laugh.  Move.  Dream.  Connect.  Cook.  Travel.

Buy shoes, lots of shoes.

Cake notes:  strawberry with white chocolate buttercream,  made by the Chef in my life.  If only his past students knew how much he is enjoying time in the pastry kitchen.  Scandalous.



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