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No, really… let’s talk.  We love to hear from our readers.  If you have a question, comment, notes on a recipe, or if you just want to get to know us better, we’re delighted.

Communication channels:

Questions on stories or recipes:  Please post your question into the comment section of the recipe/article in question.  I always read our comments first, and respond to a published comment much faster.  Also, this way if anyone else has a question they can benefit from the answer as well.

Chit-chat and newsfeeds:  Our most active newsfeed is on Facebook.  I suppose I’m just more comfortable in this format than any other.  I share more material and information by that feed and have frequent dialogue (and the occasional rant) with readers and fellow food geeks.

Twitter is kind of like the public speaking of social media for me, so I use it as water cooler chit-chat and for business to business connections.  Love Google+ and it’s hangout feature, so if you’re on that format there may be a good chance we will have an offer for you in the near future.

And by all means, send us an email.  I do my best to answer all email within 48 hours, unless we’re traveling in which case we may not be as plugged in, so it might take a little longer.

Happy cooking!


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