CHorton 2012 - Food GypsyCorinna Horton, but you can call me ‘Gypsy’…

Born in Vancouver, Canada weaned on the nectar of the Okanagan, Corinna (Cori) Horton left BC for the boom and bust of Alberta.   In 2005 after a series of career moves in marketing, communications & radio in Calgary, she bought a bed & breakfast in rural of Nova Scotia and created The Dragonfly Inn.  Six months later, she found found herself – alone – in the kitchen.  

The journey I never expected…

I grew up in an atmosphere of fresh food.  Gardening with my mother and grandmother, canning the harvest in shining glass jars.  Frequenting my grandmother’s farm; I learned, first hand, where food comes from.

Cori Cooking BC - FGAs an only child I learned to cook as tool of survival, frequently cooking for our family.  My father still colourfully recalls the family dog burying the results of some of my more spectacular kitchen experiments. (Disloyal creature.)

In my teens our family moved to our own farm in the interior of BC. Alone at the end of a dirt road, life become intimately woven with the seasons, weather and nature.

In my twenties a career shift landed me in Calgary, leaving dirt roads behind for a more urban experience.   Like many, I waited tables to put myself through college as I pursued a broadcast career.  After years as a nightclub DJ I landed at Calgary’s Country 105 CKRY FM and nearly a decade of radio life, before moving upstairs to a glass walled office at Shaw Communications.

Life, as I never thought it would be…

Change often times seeks us out.  A sudden lay-off changed my life forever.  I began a journey as an entrepreneur,  moved across the country and bought a beautiful, historic house that became the Dragonfly inn.

Family photos 006LRI never planned to enter the kitchen, and yet it continues to find me.  When my former partner left the inn with the wife of our first guests (don’t laugh, that’s my real life) – I again cooked out of necessity and survival.  Until one day I found in it, great joy.

Writing about, and photographing, food at the Dragonfly Inn delighted (and tortured) guests, family and friends for years. In 2010 the Inn passed to new hands and I began Food Gypsy – delighting (and torturing) on a larger scale.  

In what I call my Life From Scratch Tour, I traveled more than 30,000 miles across North and Central America and then indulged my curiosity with a culinary education at Le Cordon Bleu.  There, I met the chef in my life, Benoit Gelinotte (Chef B.) over a pound of butter.

Made with love and butter…

Working out of my home kitchen just outside Ottawa, Canada in Aylmer, Quebec; Food Gypsy is my continuing tale of life & love.  In 2013 I tackled food sport on a large scale at the World Food Championships (WFC) Invitational.   Cooking under the gun, on camera, on the streets of Las Vegas team Food Gypsy placed 5th overall in the World Burger Championships.  As a featured competitors, assistant Diane Meagher and I appeared on the associated television series on FYI Network (2014).  As time allows I appear as a food guest on Ottawa’s CTV Morning Live to chat about cooking and entertaining.

In my private life I am step-mom to the adorable six year old in our life.  I get outside every chance I get, and the Gypsy in me MUST wander.  Currently in the kitchen at Ottawa’s Epicuria, I encourage local readers to drop by… and eat!

Hoping you find some joy here.
Live, Love, Eat Well,


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