Friends of Food Gypsy

Thank you to the Friends of Food Gypsy!

Friends of Food Gypsy, was a crowd funding initiated to support our entry into the World Food Championships in Las Vegas, November 7 – 10, 2013 where we placed fifth overall in the World Burger Championships!  Competition was fierce and we are thrilled to have been in the top ten, and the top finishing Canadian team overall.  We thank you for your support.   (Link:

Team Food Gypsy, WFC - Food Gypsy

Corinna chats with Jeffery Saad, cohost of the World Food Champions television series to be aired spring, 2014.

We couldn’t have it without you.

Friends of Food Gypsy Donations:

Anita – Doncaster UK – £15
Dawn – Calgary AB – $150
Chrissie – Mendoza Argentina – $30
Peter – Edmonton AB $200
Valentina & Stephen – Annapolis Royal NS – $100
Jason – Kitchener ON – $100
Creative Diversions – Calgary AB – $50
Jayne – Edmonton,AB – $20
Lisanne – Ottawa ON – $100
Anonymous Donor – Calgary AB – $230
Susan – Annapolis Royal NS – $10
Astrid – Calgary AB – $300
Danielle – Calgary AB – $20
Sylvie – Ottawa, ON – $100
Karen – Calgary, AB – $270

Total: $1,500

We have a lot to be thankful for.

When we didn’t make our target by our deadline, we decided to make do with sending a team of one instead of two (myself and Chef B), I was suddenly flying solo.  But like everything related to this contest, we had the offer of last minute help.  Thank you to my dear friend Diane Meagher for joining me, on her own dime, and cooking her heart out.   

Taking care of Business:

Raising funds so one can attend a food competition does not fit within the guidelines of crowd funding sites like Kickstarter, or others I researched, and raising funds via my website raised concerns about appearances and transparency.  Therefore I listed all donations (with first names & hometowns only) on our donations page along with our current total, and kept meticulous records of same.  A separate account was set up to keep things kosher (and the tax man happy), where all funds were held in escrow until needed.

  • Flight, Ottawa to Las Vegas – $714
  • Super 8 Las Vegas, November 5 – 10 – $598
  • Ground transportation – $170
  • Provisions – $180

 There is grace in gratefully receiving.

Representing Canada and burger lovers everywhere…
Burger On,

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