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Reese’s Chocolate Pizza

Published On November 4, 2015 | By Gypsy | All Recipes, Featured, Pies & Tarts, Sweets & Treats

Have you tried the new Reese Spreads?  Oh My God, it’s my new addiction, chocolate and peanut butter – in a jar!  In honor of National Candy Day (no really, it’s a thing) we dug through the mound of Halloween leftovers for a little something we call Reese’s Chocolate Pizza.   Oh yea… you’re welcome!

Part of me wishes I’d never experienced the slightly grainy, salty nuttiness and lingering chocolate aftertaste that is Reese Spreads.  Never.  I wish it had never crossed our threshold, never sat rather expectantly on the counter and never, ever been opened.   If I could turn back time I might have steeled my resolve – and despite the waft of pure nostalgia that is every Reese Peanut Butter Cup you have ever opened as the taught silver seal is peeled back – I would have never dipped in, teaspoon in hand, for that first taste of temptation.

But… there’s no going back now.  Between myself and the chef in my life, we declared this devil jar ‘for adults only’ and slid it to the back of the cupboard cleverly hidden behind a box of something healthy.  Trust the chocolate sleuthing six-year-old in the house to shuffle my carefully alphabetized pantry and emerge, jar in hand, with a loud “what’s THIS?!”  Dammit.  BUSTED.

If you can’t beat ’em join ’em I say!  So today, as we celebrate National Candy Day (conveniently timed post Halloween) I thought it would be fun to invite said chocolate loving child, Miss Camille, to be our Guest Food Stylist with a sweet treat we call:  Reese’s Chocolate Pizza.


Adorable factor aside, I have something of an ulterior motive in securing child labour as I’m currently nursing an injured hand that has curtailed both home and professional cooking.  Good to have another ten tiny volunteer fingers for the job.

Ideally this is a no-cook, fast and easy party idea for the short people in your life when you’re in the mood for a day of sugar highs.  (Come on, we can’t be good all the time.  Life was not meant for broccoli alone.)

We started with a store bought naan bread, spread on the Reese Spreads and topped with glee.  We thought we’d do a half-and-half pizza with one side leaning (almost) healthy and the other loaded with all things yum.  The rule here is you have fun!  Try a Dirt Pizza with crumbled cookies and gummy worms, or go all chocolate with your favorite chocolate chips, chopped chocolate bars and chocolate syrup – anything that goes with chocolate and peanut butter really.  Our Guest Food Stylist and I liked picking up a bit of salt with potato chips and dry roasted peanuts.  If you want to get all up with the fancy stuff try cocoa nibs and pink himalayan sea salt.  (For when the kids go to bed.)

To really get your toppings right our Guest Food Stylist recommends taste testing your products (and associated ingredients) repeatedly.  We call this ‘product knowledge’.  Also recommended, humming.  Humming makes it easier to spread your Reese’s apparently.  Then just unleash your your inner six-year old and PLAY.

When asked for her opinion (between moments of “mmmm” and “oooooo, chocolaty!”) Miss Camille had this to say … “I MADE IT MYSELF!”  Yes Kiddo, you sure did.  Pride goes a long way.

Adding Toppings - FG Chocolate Pizza options - FG

Reese's Chocolate Pizza, All dressed - FG

Reese’s Chocolate Pizza

Prep time: 10 minutes
Serves 6 – 8

4 Fresh Prepared Naan Bread
1 jar Reese Spreads
Toppings ideas. Have fun, add a few of your own :
Mini Marshmallows
Chopped Chocolate Bars
Crushed Cookies
Raisins / Dried fruit
Chocolate Chips
Reese’s Chips
White Chocolate chips
Reese’s Pieces (or other candy coated chocolate bits)
Sugar sprinkles
Chopped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
Gummies: worms or bears
Shredded Coconut
Sliced Bananas
Maraschino Cherries
Potato Chips
Chocolate Syrup / Dulce de Leche


Spread naan bread liberally with Reese Spreads, being sure to spread to the edges, with either a spoon or spatula.  Spread quickly but carefully so you don’t tear the delicate naan.  Top with your choice of toppings, cut and consume, immediately.    No, really.  Reese’s Chocolate Pizza waits for no one.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post commissioned by Hershey’s Canada, as such I have been compensated moneratinaly and with product samples.  My participation is voluntary and, as always, the opinions herein are entirely my own (and those of our darling 6 year-old guest Food Stylist).


Kiddo & Chocolate Pizza - FG

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