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Coming Attractions

Published On April 8, 2011 | By Gypsy | Gastronomy, Kitchen Tales

A fun day of mixology on Food Gypsy, one hit, one miss.  But man when I miss… *gag*.

Hope you’ve had fun with our Friday Afternoon Quickies.

Before we adjourn for a fun weekend of giggles and promised merry-making, we’re leaving you with a little tease of what’s next as we continue “VEG HEAD Month” on Food Gypsy.  More bright, green and red and orange vegetables, some fruit, some grains and even cracking a couple of eggs.

We’ve had requests from readers for a ‘heads up’ on ingredients so they can do a little Gypsy cook-a-long.  I may even answer a couple of pleas for cook-a-long videos.  Which would promise to be — entertaining.  (OMG… really?  Are you sure?)

Look, I’m no Martha Stewart, I spill things and burn things and the blooper reel would be a total scream, but I’ll give it my all to do a decent attempt at being myself.

(Now, Nigella Lawson, she’s more my speed… wine… pork fat… fun.)

So for those looking for a shopping list here you go, a few of the more specialty items we’ll be experimenting with in the next couple of weeks:

Quail eggs, spelt flour, dried chickpeas, black glutinous (sticky) rice, won-ton wrappers, ricotta cheese, pomelo, and blood oranges.

Because food should be FUN.  Being in the kitchen should be an adventure… and cooking… is a life skill.

Have a great weekend. Be good to yourself.


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