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Fool Magazine – Serious Food Inspiration

Published On January 26, 2015 | By Gypsy | Featured, Gastronomy, Reads & Resources

What do you get for the chef who has everything?  He’s got gadgets, powders and blades a plenty, a home library filled with extraordinary titles from chefs across the globe, what are the odds of a food magazine raising an eyebrow?  Enter Fool Magazine by Swedish husband-and-wife team of Per-Anders Jorgensen and Charlotta Jorgensen, a read for serious food fools.

Dogeared after being stuffed in his Christmas stocking and consumed, cover to cover.  I picked up Fool Magazine (Fool #5, Religion) at Ottawa’s Knifewear while purchasing the requested gift certificate that was tops on his list.  One thumb through pages full of savvy content and gritty industry photos and I knew I had a winner.  In fact, we both enjoy it for our own reasons.

The Chef in my life, Benoit Gelinotte, is a thirty year veteran of the kitchen with a BA in the culinary arts from his native France. Past Chef Instructor at Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa, his resumé covers everything from Michelin Star fine dining to multi-outlet/high-volume restaurants.  “I like that Fool is a brief, but intense read.  I don’t have a lot of time, or energy, to read so Fool fits the bill with quality news and real stories from the industry at large, world wide.”

Fool Magazine covers the industry from a global perspective and is distributed in Sweden, France, India, USA,  Canada, Italy, Japan, Australia & Singapore.  Published with care and attention and a decidedly European sensitivity as befitting Charlotta Jorgensen’s linage as the past Art Editor of the Swedish version of Gourmet Magazine and Per-Anders reputation as a food photographer.  Fool is filled with high octane, visceral  substance.

Food blogger and industry pro, my nine years in the kitchen make me a relative newcomer to the food scene by comparison.  My entrepreneurial, media and marketing past give me a different perspective.  At heart I’m still a home cook with a love of great story telling.

Fool Magazine #5, Codfathers - FGFrom it’s silky matte paper to the clean, uncluttered art direction, Fool is a magazine designed to be read.  Not leafed through, not glanced at – read.   It’s focus is content, well written, thought provoking content.  Instead of being crammed full of endless catch phrases, captioned snapshots, recipes and advertising – it contains actual words worth reading.   Unlike the many publications that line the shelves, Fool Magazine doesn’t t wave the flag of one country or cuisine direction, it’s a refreshingly international take on the passion that is the business of food.

Fool #5, Religion:  Solid stories on “The Original Food God, Paul Bocuse” by Alexandria Micheau.  “Outback To The Future,  Jock Zonfrillo” by crime writer Wzane Lovitt that takes you through Australia’s Aboriginal cuisine in the mainstream as it moves beyond ‘bush tucker’.  “Face The Demons And F*** The F***ies”, a moving portrayal of passion and painfully honest interview with Canada’s Dave MacMillian of Montreal’s Joe Beef penned by Leslie Chesterman, .

Each piece is written with craft and style that smacks of the freedom to express, as good freelance should.  My personal favorite, “At Your Service” by Oliver Strand, raises the question of the sliding scale of service in the modern era with a nod to New York’s Eleven Madison Park and their ‘Dream Weaver’ philosophy.

Fool Magazine #5, Service - FGAs a writer I am reminded that to write well, one must read well.  It fuels us.

As a photographer I am now discontent with my work, Jorgensen makes me want to work harder, and buy a faster lens.  As a creative, both in and out of the kitchen, Fool Magazine left me better than it found me.  I am inspired.  Pure and simple.

Worth ordering on line, or seeking at your local high-end mag shop, Fool Magazine will set you back a few pennies because it ain’t cheap (in Canada it retails for $30 + tax).   Not always nice or pretty, and certainly anything but gentle, this is an industry fed by fire, profanity and hard truths.  If you’re serious about food, Fool is a magazine for you.

Food, Insanity, Brilliance & Love.  

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