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This Little Burger Goes To Vegas – Crowdfund Your Favourite Gypsy

Published On September 25, 2013 | By Gypsy | Featured, Gastronomy, Kitchen Tales

Crowdfund your favorite Gypsy and support our entry into the World Food Championships invitational in Las Vegas this November so we can represent a GREAT Canadian burger!

This summer we found out that my Taste of Home Canada Magazine ‘Burger Off’ win qualified me for the World Food Championships in Las Vegas, November 7 – 10, 2013.  (OH BOY!)  Thing is, this surprise opportunity is not really in the budget, and when our sponsorship fell though, I thought the opportunity was lost, until friends said…”we’ll fund you!”

Crowdfunding (alternately crowd financingequity crowdfundingcrowd-sourced fundraising) is the collective effort of individuals who network and pool their money, usually via the Internet, to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations.

To help offset our costs, we are hoping to raise $3,500 to cover the cost of flights and accommodation.  So far, we’ve received $1,230 from friends near and far, and some we’ve never met.  I am… overwhelmed.

Those same people are encouraging me to take the crowd funding further afield with a donation page my blog and an easy PayPal button on our sidebar. I admit, this is tough on the ego, but as I am reminded, “sometimes we think something’s impossible and it’s just that we haven’t opened to the possibilities yet.”  This is me, opening to the possibilities, and giving thanks for all the wonderful people in my life, now held under the loving banner of “Friends of Food Gypsy”.

Just another $2,270 to go and we’re in Vegas, Baby!  Oh, and it’s not a gambling tour, unless you consider cooking at the World Food Championships a ‘gamble’.  (Well, maybe it is a gamble…)

About the World Food Championships (WFC):

The live competition will take place on Fremont Street, November 7 – 10, 2013 with a field of fifty competing in the World Burger Championships.  With annual attendance of 20,000 – 40,000 the WFC is the holy grail of barbecue and recipe development in the United States with an overall purse of $300,000.  (Link:

  • We are one of  two Canadian teams in our category, the World Burger Championships (competing against fellow Canadians, the boys from Vera’s Burger Shack, winners of Taste of Vancouver’s Best Burger) and I am one of three women in the category.  (Here, check out the competition:
  • Team Food Gypsy will be a team of  two;  me and my ‘sous chef’, Chef B (Benoit Gelinotte, who hates Vegas, but loves me and plans to squeeze in some golf while I freak out about every little detail).
  • We have three hours to complete our two burger builds (“build” = one showcase and six tasting portions), which will then be judged on three criteria:  execution, appearance and taste.  They call this the EAT™ Scoring method.  The competition is a round robin format, with winners from each category advancing to the overall finals and the BIG cook off.  (Pretty exciting.)

Does this little burger go to Vegas or does this little burger stay home?!

My original burger that won Taste of Home Canada’s Burger Off competition, the Lamburghini, is a terrific little burger but for this level of competition, I decided to up my game and create a burger to wow a panel of judges.   The Amazin’ Asian it will give them a run for their money!  

Taste is worth 50% of the overall score, so while I’ve built a burger with aesthetic value that showcases culinary skills, at the end of the day it has to have BIG, BOLD FLAVOUR.   My Amazin’ Asian Burger delivers a mean one-two punch.  A couple of tasty clips from the cutting room floor after my World Food Championships audition tape – can’t believe I’m doing this.  *rolls eyes*

Do it for the girls in the kitchen.  Do it because you love burgers…

The first hurdle to send this little burger to Vegas is the funds to book our flights which should be around $2,000 (CAD).  If we can reach our goal, with your help, by October 14th, 2013 (Canadian Thanksgiving) then it is all systems go.  If we don’t make that target, I’ll be refunding your donation in full, or should you choose, making a donation to our local food bank.  

Do it because Food Gypsy makes you drool, or laugh, or drool while you laugh…

Taking Care of Business:

Raising funds so one can attend a food competition does not fit within the guidelines of crowd funding sites like Kickstarter, or others I’ve researched, and raising funds via my website raises concerns about appearances and transparency.  Therefore I will be listing all donations (with first names & hometowns only for your privacy protection) on our donations page along with a weekly total, as well as keeping meticulous records of same.

We have a separate account set up to keep things kosher (and the tax man happy), where all funds will be held in escrow until needed.

 There is grace in gratefully receiving.

 Crowdfund Your Favourite Gypsy:  If you wish to make a WFC donation to help get Team Food Gypsy, you can donate a little or a lot.  The whole point of crowdfunding is that a whole bunch of people support with small payments and it all adds up to one big sum.  We have two larger business sponsorships we are hoping to announce this week, and if your company is interested in donating to a ‘burger cause’ click through to find out what a little extra dosh can get you. 

Should you have any questions, or wish to donate via ETM or cheque, by all means contact me direct via e-mail:

Friends of Food Gypsy Donations To Date:

Anita – Doncaster UK – £15
Dawn – Calgary AB – $150
Chrissie – Mendoza Argentina – $30
Peter – Edmonton AB $200
Valentina & Stephen – Annapolis Royal NS – $100
Jason – Kitchener ON – $100
Creative Diversions – Calgary AB – $50
Jayne – Edmonton,AB – $20
Lisanne – Ottawa ON – $100
Anonymous Donor – Calgary AB – $230
Susan – Annapolis Royal NS – $10
Astrid – Calgary AB – $300
Danielle – Calgary AB – $20
Sylvie – Ottawa, ON – $100

Total: $1,230

You will be with me the whole way!  Burger On.


Do it because they made me eat on camera…


UPDATE October 25, 2013:  Our Crowdfunding effort raised $1500 – and that will pay for one of us to go.  So, I’m heading to Vegas and spinning the lady luck wheel.  Thank you everyone for their support!

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