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Published On March 1, 2011 | By Gypsy | Gastronomy, Kitchen Tales

Gypsy (aka Princess Ribcurry)

It’s not just “Princess Ribcurry” alone in the kitchen anymore…

… the conversation is great.  We laugh a lot.

And there’s real food.  Honest to goodness real food.  If it doesn’t have a mother or come from the ground, it’s not in my kitchen.  All the food you see on Food Gypsy is REAL, in fact directly after we took its picture… we ate it.  There’s no wax or motor oil on Food Gypsy, unless we’re talkin’ about cars.

Good food starts with good ingredients. I wouldn’t dream of serving you anything less. It’s the same with great conversations. A measure of respect, a big handful of humour and a bottle of wine never hurt.  Food Gypsy is an ever expanding conversation and we are… expanding.

First and foremost we have a new publishing schedule (please commit this to memory) now posting Fresh Food Gypsy Tuesdays, Thursdays and sometimes on Sunday.

Every second Sunday you can look forward to posts on my favorite subject: BACON.  How I’ve held back for so long is beyond me, but the floodgates are now open.

We also have a couple of new characters in the kitchen, stirring the pot, so let’s make some introductions:

Astid at home in FranceKale Chips & Green Mini Muffins by Astrid

Astrid: Astrid DesLandes (aka: The French Girl) is our Food Gypsy Editor and best-est Gypsy friend. Originally from Marseille, France, currently residing in Calgary, AB Canada, she is the source for fashion advice and Gluten Free cooking.  We look forward to her posts on all things yummy and… ‘sans gluten’.

Astrid also makes a wicked tapenade and endorses the use of cream and butter because… well… she’s French.  She also makes a lot of stuff with cheese and those things are often accompanied by wine.

As a dyslexic wanderer, I am grateful for spell-check and ubersmart BFF’s.  Please, don’t get her started on shoes.

Chef Benoit making soufflesBen's Beignets, wearing a different hat.

Ben: Chef Benoit Gelinotte, Chef Instructor at Le Cordon Bleu, Ottawa (aka: The French Dude and ‘the man in my life’) also acts as the Food Gypsy Technical Advisor (which means I call and ask him stupid questions, and he sometimes hijacks my plating).

Originally from Dijon, France, Chef Benoit received his B.E.P – B.P. – B.T.S in culinary arts in 1991, relocating to Canada in 1992. He’s worked in several acclaimed kitchens in both countries, and has a great love – of butter and salt.  (He knows a thing or two about wine too.)

This weekend, making Beignets for a Mardi Gras post (coming this Thursday) brought back fond memories of his Grandmother, Chef Georgette, and the mountains of food and many hours he was gladly pressed into service in her kitchen.

Hmmm… interesting that the Food Gypsy support team is French.  I’m sure there’s a lingerie commercial in there somewhere.  Please, don’t get him started on shoes.

"Squirrel!" Magnus the Great

Magnus: (aka: Mags, Magzie) My furry companion, currently residing with my mother in Nova Scotia, soon to join me in Ottawa. He has no opposable thumbs but plenty of opinions.  Opinion # 1: there should be a special tap in the kitchen for gravy.  Opinion # 2: Broccoli, yuck.  He’s not fat… he’s a bulldog.

I miss him. He’s not French.

Sandi in India Sandi and Kelly Indian cooking class

Sandi: Sandi Harrison (aka: Miss Sandi Joy) – BA Ed, MA, is originally from Terrace, BC Canada and currently residing in Dalian, China teaching English to teenage boys.  Sandi is also a talented writer working on her first novel, avid traveler and our very first Food Gypsy Correspondent.

What are the odds of two Gypsies in the same family? Miss Sandi Joy is my cousin… go ahead, cry nepotism. (As an only child I have to really reach for relatives). When you read her you’ll find a similar wit but a unique voice backed by solid photography skills.

Hoping to hear regularly from Sandi, to answer such questions as: is there American take-out in China?

Sandi recently returned from a journey to India and the tale of her adventure with Indian Street Food runs next week, followed by some spicy recipes from the Gypsy Kitchen. (Nothing like Indian spice mid-winter to really WARM you up.)

Next week is Bollywood week in the Gyspy Kitchen – in my alternate reality my life is a Bollywood Musical – there is high drama, sparkly bracelets and lots of eye liner.

Dr. Kubie in Thailand Dr. Kubie in Nova Scotia

Dr. Kubie: Dr. Josef Kubinec (aka: Dr. Joe), BPT, CPMA –physiotherapist, sports medicine specialist, acupuncturist, former organic farmer and restaurateur; currently based in Clementsport, NS, Canada.  Well traveled, particularly in the far east, having studied acupuncture in China, he brings a whole different skill set to the kitchen.

Dr. Kubie’s a busy guy but he’s promised to drop by on a regular basis and feed us some great food stuff to keep us healthy – between sticking pins in patients.

Did you know some of your favorite stuff is GOOD for you? Fiddleheads, huge in anti-oxidants; and cheese: good brain food. Can’t wait to hear about bacon.

Oprah has Dr. Oz. This Food Gypsy has Dr. Kubie.

And then there’s… YOU.  We’re delighted to launch our new Foodie Forum on Food Gypsy this week. (No idea how it works… but how hard can it be? I’ll figure it out.)

Tell us about yourself and your foodie frolics in our new Foodie Forum. We’ll post a topic and you can ask questions, tell us where you’ve been, what you’re cooking. Then once a month a reader submission will be featured on Food Gypsy Under ‘Gypsy Kitchen’.  Always happy to let someone do a little cooking in my kitchen.

So whether you’re a fanatical foodie, a culinary student, a passionate traveler, cookin’ for friends and family, or are the King/Queen of dining out, if you have a story to share — we want to hear from you.

Food is our greatest common denominator, what better way to get acquainted?

Come on in.  Join the party.  Let’s open a bottle of wine and… we’ll chat.

Life is supposed to be FUN.

Magnus and his buddy, Larry the Lobster

The dog kissing the lobster, the Maritime version of ‘kosher’.

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