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Nutella, in the convenient new size

Published On February 24, 2012 | By Gypsy | Gastronomy, On The Street

While here for a little visit our favourite French Girl, Food Gypsy Editor Astrid DesLandes, was THRILLED to find that Nutella now comes in a new convenient size.  Wow, finally a jar that will last a WEEK” she declared, quickly calculating how much that jar would put her luggage overweight for her return trip to Calgary.

“I’m sure it’s worth it” I said.  Come on, the savings in gas alone, running back & forth to the store.  Think of the cost to the environment, all those extra jars to recycle.   Best to purchase a jar you can get your whole hand in.

“If my head wasn’t so big, I’d put it right in the jar!”   It’s true, she does have an unusually large head.  You know what they say about people with big heads… big hats.

That, right there folks, is a 5 kilogram jar of Nutella (11 pounds for those needing the imperial translation.) If there’s more than 50 hazelnuts in a 13 ounce jar, then there are more than 676 hazelnuts in the new 5 kilogram (convenient, weekly) size.   Or, as it’s known in Italy, Snack Size.   Now I know what to get her for her birthday.

A little Fun Food Friday for ya’!

Gigantic sized Nutella available in Ottawa at  La Bottega.
La Bottega Nicastro, Byward Market
64 George Street
Nicastro’s Merivale
1558 Merivale Rd.
AND available  on their new on-line store!
For those in the USA, unable to source locally, order on line at 
5K jar of Nutella - Food Gypsy

“OK time to go, put down the Nutella now…” “NO! MINE… mineminemine!!!”

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