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Pho in the ‘hood and a brain full of mush…

Published On December 15, 2010 | By Gypsy | Dining Out, Gastronomy

Gypsy Confession:  I have no brain left.  Just a couple of randomly associating cells bashing into one another muttering ingredients found on the final exam.  Results take days – we find out on Thursday if there is a reason to show up for graduation on Friday.

Thus equipped; I find myself with little desire to write, or leave the house for that matter.  It is wintry and snowing here.  This is when it pays to have a couple of Food Gypsy posts ‘in the can’ as it were.

As I am rather a blithering idiot at the moment, we shall focus our attention of telling a visual story.

Photo essay:  The story of PHO.

I love Vietnamese food, its subtlety and elegance.  The influence of the French is so completely unmistakable.  Yet, light and healthy.

Coming from Vancouver, incredibly particular about Asian and Eurasian food, I make no apologies for that. Grew up on some of the best Asian food in the world, right around the corner so I’m a stickler for accuracy and authenticity, flavour and presentation.

In the last months, been all over Ottawa’s downtown core in search of decadent Pho, to no avail, until my classmate (and friend) Ali Yeganeh said “I’m taking you to the best Pho in town, Gypsy!”

Off we went on a magical tour down the highway.  Thought were were going to the farthest reaches of the suburbs, to some hidden treasure in a quiet strip mall, when I looked up and saw… Bronson… then Somerset… Hey, this is MY neighbourhood!

New Pho Bo Ga La, 761-763 Somerset St. West.  Ottawa.  Chinatown.

Turns out,  I’ve been walking right past great Vietnamese for months. The fun of getting to know a new city!

A big bowl of Pho for Big Ali (with chicken, deep fried tofu, and a shrimp fritter) and a bowl of rice vermicelli for me (with BBQ pork, spring rolls and sugar cane shrimp) and some shrimp wrappers to start (extra peanut sauce).

It arrives slowly, until the next thing you know, the table is covered in food.   Pass the chili sauce.

How to stay warm… from the inside out… on a cold, snowy day in Ottawa.   Thanks Big Ali… you THE MAN!

A picture says a thousand words.

New Pho Bo Ga La, 761-763 Somerset St. West.

Ottawa, ON 613-233-2222

OPEN TO 4AM Friday & Saturday… good to know.

New Pho Bo Ga La on Urbanspoon

Pho Bo Ga La, Ottawa 1 - FG Pho Bo Go La, Ottawa 2 - FG

Pho bo go la, Ottawa 3 - FG  Pho in the Hood - Food Gypsy

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