Purple Asparagus, Food Gypsy

Purple Asparagus

Published On November 21, 2011 | By Gypsy | Gastronomy, On The Street

This caught my eye at the local grocer; lover of asparagus that I am, I’d never seen the purple variety before.   Certainly familiar with it’s green sibling, it’s sunlight deprived white cousin and it’s wild roots but until now I’ve never even heard of Purple Passion Asparagus.

Woo hoo, new food!

Purple asparagus differs from its counterparts, having high sugar and low fibre levels and was originally developed in Italy and commercialised under the name ‘Violetto d’Albenga’.  Since then, breeding work has continued in the United States and New Zealand, though this pretty little bunch comes from Peru.

I’ve yet to taste it.  Currently pondering how to prepare it for my lunch,  some reports say purple asparagus looses it purple colour when cooked.  I’ll get back to you on that.

Clearly, more research is required.  Fortunately I then get to eat my research.

Purple Asparagus II, Food Gypsy

These were looking a little worse for wear, so I’ve been haunting the produce isles until I found a nice juicy bunch…

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