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House Smoked Corned Beef Hash (& more) – Brunch at Murray Street Kitchen

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Brunch in our nation’s capital takes on new meaning as we ditch delicate girly fare for the plain spoken, straight-up meat & potatoes style of Murray Street Kitchen on Ottawa’s Byward Market.

On assignment for and it’s creator, Clark Haass we offer you something uniquely Canadian.  A lover of all things hashed, based in Portland Oregon; Clark has made it his mission to cover 50 Hashes in 50 Cities in 50 Weeks.  Nice to be invited to give a little Canadian perspective and showcase some local talent, in the form of the fine folks at Ottawa’s Murray Street kitchen.

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Re-created in a century old home, Murray Street’s interior is simple; plain brick walls, high windows and clean mirrors, tables of polished wood, high-backed leather banquettes, comfortable chairs and a half bar, with hidden hints of of rustic charm.  It could pass for a stylish home in the woods.  The whole joint is playfully adorned with smiling pigs, from framed art prints to ceramic originals, in a collection affectionately added to by guests who share a fondness for all things pork.

Co-owners Paddy Whelan and Chef  Steve Mitton (known for his love of pork fat), serve ‘That Weekend Thing’ (as it’s known) from 11 – 2:30 on Sunday complete with an In House Smoked Corned Beef & Potato Hash, Fried Eggs & Bone Marrow Hollandaise ($15).  It is food coma inducing with a hint of genius, and the focus of our Canadian Capital Hashcapade.

Murray Street, Brunch - Food Gypsy

The hash served is layered, with the rich bone marrow Hollandaise on the bottom, crisp edged, cubed potatoes covering the bowl, topped with tender, Murray’s own smoked corned beef, and finished with two sunny-side up eggs.  Cutting into the loose yoke, the hash is then self-sauced, wet & rich.

Murray Street Hash, loose - Food Gypsy

If you’re lucky you travel in a pack so you can order a bowl of hash for the table and leave room for either the French Toast ‘Club’ (seen above: bacon, cheese & Cornish hen, covered in maple garlic syrup). Or something from the Charcuterie Bar (open 11:30 – midnight daily), with an outstanding selection of Canadian product; most of it local and all of it artisnal.

The Chef in my life (Benoit Gelinotte) recommends: Smoked Head Cheese, Pickled Beef Tongue (meat specialties, $3 each) with Gré des Champs (raw milk) or Tete a Papineau cheese (cheeses, $9 each) as well as a full on read of the wine list which features some outstanding selections. (Being French wine is, in his mind, ‘fruit juice’.)  While I am overly fond of the Bleu d’Elizabeth and Grey Owl cheeses and the Wild Boar Rillets (if they have it, it’s a popular choice).

Ottawa’s Murray Street Kitchen, great food served with a side of Canadian humility, a dam fine hash and a hint of humor.  Go a head, have the hash.

Brunch reservations strongly recommended:
Murray Street Kitchen
110 Murray St, Ottawa, ON
Phone: 613-562-7244

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Murray Street, Smoked Head Cheese - Food Gypsy

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