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This is your life…

Published On March 29, 2011 | By Gypsy | Gastronomy, Kitchen Tales

Celebrate every moment, every milestone, every day, every corner turned.  This is your life. ~ Gypsy


Friday, March 25, 2011. Graduation day at Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa.

A day to celebrate the achievements of friends and former classmates, cheering wildly from the bleachers, herding them into small groups for forced photo opportunities.  These are the moments that make up our lives.  Milestones remind us how far we’ve come, they demonstrate the trajectory of our life and allow time for renewal and adjustment.

Each life is formed by the choices we make.  Perhaps the most important life lesson – learned at any age – is the lesson of learning to trust yourself and the choices you make.  Interesting that this day of celebration should fall on the anniversary of the day that changed my life.  One year to the day since my final departure from The Dragonfly Inn, the day I embarked on a whole new life.   In it – I gave myself a freedom that before I’d only dreamed of.

I created something totally new and recreated myself in the process.  On those days when doubt creeps in, I step back to see the bigger picture, the underlying passion that is the foundation of this new life.  Five countries and 30,000 miles.  I let my desire for salt and sand lead, followed with an insatiable desire to learn.  I did things I’ve never done before, I learned to ‘wing it’ in whole new ways, and the results are nothing short of amazing.

I learned to think less and feel more.  The heart has greater intelligence than the brain — it will tell you when to move forward, when to stand still and when to run like hell.

I learned to listen to my heart… one thing I know for sure… it always works out.   Every single time.   So if it looks like it’s not working out that just means it’s not done cooking yet.

“How long do we cook it Chef?”
“Until it’s done…”

I chose not to walk across the same stage as my former classmates now graduating from Intermediate Cuisine. Instead I chose my own stage, pushing to new heights and professional achievements, following my bliss.  I have my own trajectory of life, love and personal happiness.

The way we create success is not by turning our back on those we love, but by wrapping our arms around them at every opportunity, no matter where we go, because that is where happiness lies…

… in the heart.

I have a good heart.  It guides me well.  I trust it.  It loves champagne and celebrations, naps, chocolate and laughter.  Can’t wait to see where that heart takes me next.  It keeps going on about Italy… this should be interesting.

Apparently, it’s not done yet.

This is my own version of  ‘Superior Cuisine’.   This Gypsy has itchy feet.

Champagne at graduation

Congratulations on a job well done! Drink in your life…

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