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Published On September 1, 2011 | By Gypsy | Gastronomy, Kitchen Tales

… all our delicious readers.

Over the summer we’ve been thrilled to hear from Food Gypsy readers. Foodie Gypsies far and wide who enjoy a little Gypsy sass now and again and challenged themselves to try something new, in the kitchen and in life.

Fear of the unknown is a shared condition.  Every time we humans take a step into a new experience, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem, we’re saying to The Universe “I am willing to learn.”  Thought I would take the time to share a couple of memorable notes from the community of crazed Foodies that we are, with the rest of our readers… just for fun (and inspiration).

First a story of triumph over chocolate with our Double Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cake recipe from Anita C. in the UK, who had to access “specialized equipment” to measure the recipe as recipes in the UK and Europe are weighed, not measured…

“Good morrow my scrummy, clever, most AB FAB friend!

Here are the pics that I promised of the official cake making day in Anita’s kitchen. What was ace, was that after reading your recipe I had everything AND I MEAN ALL the ingredients in the cupboard, I didn’t have to buy anything at all. I even had the ‘extract’… no cheap essence for my baking cupboard. lol

The cups I bought years ago thinking I ‘might just need them’, and sure enough I did… 5 years later.

Well the cake was lovely to make my mouth was watering with anticipation and yes I licked the bowl… and the spoon… and the whisk… and the palette knife… gorgeous.

It cooked well and the clever tip of the [simple] syrup… mmm I never knew that. Only thing is I haven’t covered in frosting as my family’s palate is not as sweet as it used to be.  However I’ve got chantilly cream in the freezer which I made a few weeks ago so I’ll be having that with mine.” ~ Anita C.

That’s Anita’s cake at the top.  Brilliant.

In Salmon Arm, Canada Maureen M. became a chocolate goddess with one of my personal favourites “Le Bete Noire” (the black beast) which has been my go-to chocolate stunner for years, first stumbled across the recipe in Bon Appetite magazine.

Her request for a knock-out cake for a birthday party meant a dive into the uncertain world of butter, cream, eggs and chocolate to embrace a new technique, cooking in a Bain Marie (hot water bath).  Suggested the deep, rich “Bete Noire” cake, that bakes like a cheesecake (and is gluten-free), along with a raspberry coulee…

“Thank you Thank you!! The “La Bete Noire” was amazing!!  Made the Raspberry Coulee as well – everyone loved it!!” ~ Maureen M.

(Maureen’s pic of a truly outstanding job on la Bete Noire, below…)


Maureen Cake 0811

And last, but certainly not last, a note from my favorite southerner, my first official fan (i.e.: someone not related to me and not told to go to Food Gypsy by my Mother), Lou H. from South Carolina, USA.

“You would be so proud!  I enrolled in the Culinary Institute of the Carolinas yesterday.  After 25 years in the restaurant biz, I decided it’s time to learn what I’m doing. Classes start Aug 15.” ~ Lou H.

Proud?  No, ecstatic!  Lou, you’re so brave and humble to think that you have more to learn after all these years.

I send all the love and encouragement you sent my way during my studies at Le Cordon Bleu right back to you Lou – times TWO.   Hope you’ll find the time to drop a line during your culinary adventures and tell us if they’re teaching you or… if you’re teaching them.

We love hearing from our readers.  Thank you for coming back to Food Gypsy for fun and food, for sharing our links and telling your friends about us.  This is a conversation – by all means – tell us what’s on your mind, in your heart and in your kitchen!

You can comment on any post you deem worthy, use our handy, dandy Foodie Forum if you have a question or a suggestion or want to share a story (who knows we might publish it!).  You can tag us on Twitter, post on our Facebook wall or send us email direct to

I’m going to go bake something now.  Feeling inspired… by you.


Looks like a re-bake is required on the Caramel Mars Bar Cookies… they disappeared shorty after coming out of the oven and were never seen again. Hmmm, curious.

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