From advertising to multi-media creative services, if you have a growing food related business, Food Gypsy can help make it sizzle.


Food Gypsy is a food & culinary travel site devoted to bringing good food, great wine, tales from the kitchen and thought provoking notes on travel (& life) to the web.  Food Gypsy delivers trusted content in a friendly environment giving our readers confidence when it comes to the recipes we offer, the dining experiences we highlight, and products we profile.

Advertising Opportunities

If you’d like to advertise with us, we’d like to talk to you.  Food Gypsy offers programs to advertising partners – in alignment with our brand and community of passionate readers – to grow your brand.  Standard side bar ad sizes: 300×250, 250×250, 120×600, 160×600.  Standard content ad sizes: 468×60, 250×250, 468×15.

Contact us and let’s see how we can work together to meet your objectives and find a media solution that fits, just right.

Chef B & Corinna - Food Gypsy

Food Gypsy Creative:  Food & Beverage Marketing and Multimedia Creative

Our expertise covers communications, advertising, photography, menu development, website content management (specializing in WordPress) and social media as well  in-depth business strategy.  With more than 50 years of combined experience, we enjoy working with entrepreneurs with vision and drive.

In the kitchen, Chef Benoit Gelinotte can meet all your needs for a creative edge in your food, or put his years as a Chef Instructor to good use to meet staff training and development needs.  Chef, instructor,  food stylist, business consultant; Benoit brings the steak.  

Cori Horton is a an idea machine with thirty years of business experience, and practical application as an entrepreneur.  Writer, photographer, cook, food competitor, food stylist, videographer, content Jedi; Cori brings the sizzle.


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