Spaghetti with Turkey Meatballs & Rapini - Food Gypsy

Spaghetti with Turkey Meatballs & Rapini

February 18, 2015 | 1 Comments

Eating lighter, health conscious meals lends balance to cold-weather-comfort-food season, and yet this is a very comforting meal.  With the accent on fresh and green this Spaghetti with Turkey Meatballs & Rapini is sure to...

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Roasted Turkey New Potato Soup - Food Gypsy

Roasted Turkey New Potato Soup

September 10, 2014 | 0 Comments

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, but why wait when you can have ‘Thanksgiving in a Bowl’ with Roasted Turkey New Potato Soup?!  Soup Week continues on Food Gypsy. Making a the ‘soup du jour’...

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Yea, that just happened, I made a waffle out of leftover stuffing and served a turkey sandwich on it, that's how white trash I am. Christmas 2011; the year of the Stuffing Waffle Turkey...

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Who says Thanksgiving has to be all about turkey? It’s your Thanksgiving, make your own rules (you rebel you). What says Fall Feast in your kitchen? You’re not bound by convention, you're...

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Fowl Talk - Food Gypsy

Fowl Talk – Trussing, Roasting & Wine Tips

December 24, 2010 | 0 Comments

Nothing more annoying than your turkey/chicken/goose/ duck falling apart in the oven, stuffing all over the place soaking up all those lovely juices that could be used in your sauce.  A tightly bundled bird will help...

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